Professional manufacturer of water blocking materials for electric and optic cables

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Professional manufacturer of water blocking materials

Water Resistant - KESHUI 

Wujiang Xinghua Communication Material Co.,Ltd was established in 1998 at Wujiang, we specialize in the professional manufacturer of water blocking tapes and yarns for power cable and optical fiber cables.

Our company is engaged in the production and export trade of new high-class absorbent fiber material products, such as insulation water-blocking tape, semi-conductive water-blocking tape as well as yarn, rope products qualified for the requirements of cable users, all of which use the trademark of "KESHUI".

KESHUI - Water Resistant

KESHUI products are manufactured in compliance with the "SGS ISO9001 certification, and the products meet the "ROSH" demand and customized as required by the users.

Xinghua company is a member of Communication Line Committee of China, Institute of Communications and Shanghai Institute of Communications, and has established the followship with many technically advanced cable product manufacturers in the world. We have been staying at the forward position of innovative product development and sharing the patented technologies with the user all along.