Professional manufacturer of water blocking materials for electric and optic cables

Water-blocking tape for fiber optic cable, which is compounded of polyester non-woven fabric and super absorbent polymer(S.A.P.) will swell in water. Therefore, if used in the communication electric and optic cables, it can effectively prevent the intrusion of water and moisture and block the water penetration into the cable conductor.

When the fiber optic cable sheath is damaged and water enters, the super absorbent material contained in the water-blocking tape will absorb the water in virtue of its super absorbent property, rapidly swell to hundreds of times larger than itself, turn to the gel, and brim over the cable conductor and damaged place, in this way, preventing the water from penetrating into the cable conductor, so as to protect the cable conductor, joint, terminal and closed-circuit linking device, ensuring the smoothness of information transmission, and distinctly prolong the service life of fiber optic cable.

Non-Conductive Waterblocking Tape

"KESHUI" Tapes

- Polyester nonwoven fabric
- Polyacrylate swelling powder

Semi-Conductive Waterblocking Tape

"KESHUI" Tapes

Composition (Non-woven):
- Polyester nonwoven fabric
- Polyacrylate swelling powder
- Carbon black semi-conductive impregnation

Composition (Nylon/Tetolon):
- Nylon fabric: semi-conductive bonder
- Shielding, binding between power cable components
- No causticity

Water Blocking Yarn


- Polyester terylene long fiber
- Polyacrylate super-absorbent resin

Binding Yarns & Rip Cords

"KESHUI" Yarn, Cord

- Binding Yarns
- Rip Cords

Non-Woven Tape


- Non woven tape

Water Blocking Bags

"KESHUI" Sandless Sandbags

- Convenient for storage and transportation, light, small in size and handy in use
- Environment friendly, nontoxic, pollution-free and degradable